Story About Man Bullied For Dancing Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

The internet has found the dancing man and is now throwing him a huge party, because no one should be ashamed of dancing.

Prepare to have your faith in humanity restored. 

Some jerks on 4chan decided to shame this guy who was just having a good time. 
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If you can't read the image, it says "Saw this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing." 

The plain cruelty of humanity, however, seemed to strike a chord with people on the internet. People sincerely felt bad and wanted to let this guy know that he should dance if he wants to dance. 

That's when the hashtag #finddancingman started to go around. People wanted to find this man and let him know that he should dance despite the haters. 




Shortly after, the internet found dancing man. He replied and said he would love to join for a dance party. He had to create a new twitter account just to respond.


And the overwhelming amount of love has been noticed and received.

And apparently, he is super down for the party!


And the internet is simultaneously celebrating with him.

internet love, bullying, trolls, dancing man


Thank you internet for calling out the trolls and making the world a better place.  

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