Dog Who Refused To Quit Extreme Sports Team's Quest Is On His Way To Recovery

The team went to Ecuador to win a world championship. Instead, they got a new friend.

Stray dog who raced 430 miles

Arthur – the stray dog that trekked 430 miles through Amazon with an adventure team last year – is well on his way to recovery.

Arthur made it to headlines after he hiked and kayaked 430 miles through extreme conditions in Ecuadorian wilds with “Team Peak Performance,” an adventure team from Sweden partaking in the Extreme Sports World Championships.  

During his initial days with the team, the members tried to leave him behind several times for his own safety, but the loyal dog tagged along despite team’s efforts.

By the time the race ended, team member Mikael Lindnord decided to adopt the dog. He brought Arthur back to Sweden, but since the dog was sick and had infected cuts and gashes, the Swedish Board of Agriculture transferred him to quarantine for a proper treatment. 

Arthur and Mikael Lindnord.

Arthur is doing very well at the treatment center.

He is no longer muddy or malnourished. His ears are clean, his paws are no longer bruised, and almost all his wounds are completely healed except the one on his back. The Facebook post on the team’s page says that Arthur’s teeth still need to be looked after and that they can’t wait to reunite with him.

Staffan Björklund and Arthur.

He will be released by the end of next month.

Veterinary specialist takes all the samples they need for the surgery.

The dog befriended the adventure team last year in November after they offered the famished stray a meatball. Little did they know, the dog would devote himself to them and become the fifth member of their adventure team.

The amazing story of a stray dog that followed Arthur the Ecuadorian Stray Joins Team Peak PerformanceThis Stray Dog Joined a Racing Team

At first the group didn’t take much notice of the dog, but as they navigated the final two stages of the 430-mile Adventure Racing World Championship, the dog became a permanent fixture of their race and eventually got his name.

Arthur diligently faced every task the team faced, be it kayaking, swimming, trekking or hiking

Arthur, The Stray Dog who joined a Swedish race teamStray Dog Joins Team, Completes Grueling RaceStray Dog Bonds With Adventure Racing Tea

Adventure Racing is a form of extreme sport that combines continuous hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and trekking. The world championships held in Ecuador covered three diverse geographical regions – the Andes, the Pacific and the Amazon rainforest.

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