Stuck At An Airport With Nothing To Do? Well, Not Anymore!

Being stuck at an airport can be an unpleasant experience and definitely nothing to look forward to, but this duo will show you how to change that.

Abominably late while trying to catch a flight? Running against time?

Even though there’s a nagging feeling at the back of your head and in the pit of your stomach that tells you the rush is futile and you probably have already missed your flight, you still try. Most of us have gone through the experience at least once in our lives.

Sometimes, we are lucky to catch the flight just in the nick of time, while other days we end up being unlucky and frustrated. However, even in bad luck and trying times there are those find a silver lining to every gray cloud, and these two guys are no different.

They both found themselves missing a flight at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport; with no more flights available, the wait was inevitable. Stuck at the airport with endless possibilities, they decided to trump the initial disappointment by making the most of their experience and going full throttle. 

A night of hilarity will leave you with some pretty good ideas when you're stuck at the airport.

The video is by the duo BennyZProductions, who have a YouTube channel where they do experimental videos making the most of situations, taking on challenges and generally just doing silly things and turning them in to videos.

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