Students Expelled After Parents' Extreme Climb To Help Kids Cheat

In India, some parents go to extraordinary measures to make sure their students pass their exams.

Indian parents climbed a school wall to help their kids cheat on an exam

Over 600 tenth grade students from Hajipur, Bihar have been expelled after a photo of their parents has gone viral. The photo depicts these parents taking the extreme measure of climbing several stories high to hand their kids answers to the test.



Over 1 million students are taking this test across India. The test is considered a very high-pressure exam that could affect the outcome of their future.

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Cheating is not an uncommon practice in India, but the treacherous climb parents were willing to do went a step beyond what seemed reasonable.

The education minister, PK Shahi, said, “It’s virtually impossible to conduct fair examinations without the cooperation of parents.”

One superintendent denied the claims that these students were cheating, saying, “If students cheat, they will not be able to progress in life. But no such thing is happening in my center. We are conducting peaceful and cheating-free exams here. As there is a lack of police officials, the public outside is causing some disturbances but we are dealing with it.”



The students have been expelled and about two dozen parents have been detained. The students could possibly be banned from taking the test for three years, and may additionally face fines and even jail time. 




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