A Sunbather's Shocking Near-Death Experience

June 3, 2014: If it weren't for a few inches, this could've become the last beach trip of this luck man's life.

One of the last things a sunbather would expect when laying on the beach is an airplane flying in

While lying prostrate on the beach, the biggest threats to a sunbather's wellbeing are jelly fish or sunburns. Whatever concern he or she may have, being run over by an airplane shouldn't be on the list, but this is exactly what happened on a beach in Germany.

It was a regular sunny day in Dune, Heligoland – an island in the north of Germany. Due to the landing strip nearby, mini airplanes were in sight, but no one expected them to bother the beachgoers.

However, then a Piper PA-28-181 Archer II entered the picture. Unlike others before it, this one was flying at a low altitude from the onset. On top of that, its 52-year-old pilot JuergenDrucker didn't spot a sunbather lying before the landing strip.

As a result, the plane headed right towards the half-naked man who was still unaware that he could be seconds away from dying. Fortunately for him, the plane somehow managed not to come in contact with him and flew past him. If it wasn't for the few inches between them, it could have quite possibly become the last beach trip of that man's life.

Later on, Druckeradmitted his mistake and said: "It was me that was flying and I am really sorry. I have to say, as the pictures show, that it wasn't one of my greatest achievements in the cockpit.In my defence I can say that I didn't see him because he was lying down and I'm just very grateful it worked out well and I didn't land on him"

The whole thing was caught on tape by another man who was standing nearby. Check it out in the video up top.

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