Super Selfie Dancer Gabriel Valenciano Releases New Video 'Loose Yourself' VIDEO

Gabriel Valenciano has brought in two separate dance groups for his latest video.

Taking a picture of yourself with a handheld camera isn't the only kind of selfie that is famous online. There is also the Super Selfie series of Filipino performer Gabriel "Gab" Valenciano, who has been entertaining us for the past seven months with his crazy dance routines.

The 25-year-old son of music legend Gary Valenciano has released a fresh new video titled Loose Yourself featuring the Manoeuvres and Sam Concepcion.

As the title suggest, the video is all about letting yourself loose and not caring about what others think. The one-minute-and-thirty-nine-second-long video has the music of Kenny Loggins’ Footloose to which Gab and his supporting cast dance their hearts out.

Once again, as stupid as all of them look, it's very tough to turn it off without seeing it to the end.

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