Space Fail: Super Strypi Rocket Veers Off Course During Maiden Flight

The first test flight of 55-foot tall Super Strypi rocket, meant to carry a collection of small satellites into the orbit, did not go as planned.

Following numerous delays, the Super Strypi rocket finally made its maiden flight and the first orbital launch from a site in Hawaii on Tuesday, becoming the state’s first space launch.

The 55-foot rocket, launched from Kauai's Pacific Missile Range Facility as part of an experimental test flight of a new military lightweight satellite booster, was to carry a collection of small satellites into orbit as part of the ORS-4 mission for the Department of Defense.

However, it looks like the launch was not as successful as the U.S. Air Force hoped it would be. In fact, it seems to have gone completely off course.

A recently emerged video, captured by a spectator on his cell phone camera, shows the first moments of the flight from the Barking Sands launch site. Although everything appeared to go well at first, it looks like the rocket broke up in flight.

"The ORS-4 mission on an experimental Super Strypi launch vehicle failed in mid-flight shortly after liftoff at 5:45 p.m.," the Air Force said in a statement.

Watch the clip above to watch the launch failure.

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The footage of the launch has since gone viral on social media, causing a significant hype among space enthusiasts.

The first Super Strypi flight was originally scheduled for October 2013. However, it was reportedly postponed several times due to technology and timing issues. As of yet, it’s unclear what went wrong during the launch.

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