Surprising Things Astronauts Left On The Moon

Astronauts left more than just a couple of foot prints on the moon.

Everyone knows that the astronauts who landed on the moon in 1969 left an American flag, but you may not know about the other unusual things that have been left there.

Golf Balls

During Alan Shepard’s trip to the moon on the Apollo 14 mission, he brought with him a Wilson six-iron club and hit two golf balls into space. Who knows whether those golf balls are still on the moon itself, or miles away floating in space.


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Human Waste

tissue paper on moon

When Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins went to the moon, they took back with them 46 pounds of moon rocks. All that extra weight means precious fuel that they need to get back to Earth. They had to leave something behind, and naturally, they left poop. Hope the next crew doesn’t land right in the middle of that.


Feather and Hammer

Galileo once theorized that in an airless vacuum, a feather and hammer would fall to the ground at the same speed. Of course, Galileo was never able to travel to space himself so he could never test this theory out. So one astronaut tested out the theory and proved Galileo right. They left the falcon feather behind.


Fallen Astronaut Art

Astronaut Art

The Apollo 15 crew left a piece of artwork during their mission to the moon. It consists of a plaque with the names of astronauts who have died while exploring space alongside an aluminum sculpture of an astronaut. The model lays fallen over, seemingly done in a poetic matter. However, Belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck said this was not his intention. He wanted the model to be upright to represent the strength of humanity, but it’s probably not going to be fixed anytime soon.

D*** Pic

Pics on moon

When Apollo 12 took its mission to the moon, it took with it a “moon museum.” This was a ceramic wafer which had artwork from six different artists of the time. Andy Warhol said he drew his initials, but we can all see that it was a little less polite than mere initials. 


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