Suspect Responds To His Own Wanted Ad On Facebook, Gets Arrested

Life tip: If you are wanted for arrest and don’t want to go to jail, then don’t respond directly to the cops’ wanted ad.

Here's your social media fail of the week. 

If only this article had been here in time for Andrew Dale Marcum. Buzzfeed has effectively captured the interactions between Marcum and police on Facebook that led to his arrest.


The Butler County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio posted this wanted ad on their Facebook page. Marcum was wanted for assault, abduction, domestic violence, and burglary charges, just to name a few.

The very same day, Andrew Marcum conveniently responded. If you look at his profile picture, it’s actually the very same picture on his want ad. Not to mention that his name is the same. Way to go Captain Obvious.

Andrew Marcum facebook reply

The Sheriff’s Office has a sense of humor. They asked Marcum to drop by the police station, because you know what, you just never know.

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They even tweeted pictures of his living accommodations.


Marcum actually did eventually turn himself in. It looks like the whole thing was an emotional ordeal. I feel bad that they posted the pictures of him crying and then made fun of him, but hopefully this public shame will turn him around.




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