Table-Turning Video Asks White Actors To Act 'More White' In Audition

It has become common for minority actors to play offensive versions of their race. See what happens when white people are asked to do the same.

Racial balance in entertainment media is still a lofty concept in 2015.

It is true that certain ethnic champions such as Aziz Ansari have begun to bring their own diverse backgrounds to the screen, however, most of the images that flick across our entertainment devices will feature Caucasian people dealing with Caucasian problems. 

Here is Ansari talking about this very problem during a panel appearance with Entertainment Weekly in October:

Our televisions and movie screens are still failing to reflect the diverse landscape of modern day America, and on the rare occasions a minority is cast in a production they are often tasked with performing a racially insensitive version of their own ethnicity. 

This cycle of objectification often begins in the audition process and so decided to turn the tables by holding auditions in which white actors were told to act "more white" in order to get the role. 

Check it out. 

This video may seem ludicrous but for many minority actors it is par for the course. 

Mexican, Indian, African, or any other cultural minority citizen of this country should be able to see themselves represented in the media the way they actually are: as full-fledged American citizens that talk and act just like their Caucasian counterparts. 

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