#TalkPay Twitter Dialogue Hopes To Shatter The Glass Ceiling

How much do you make? Discussing salaries has been viewed as crass, taboo and even in violation of some employment policies.

But today on Twitter, the hashtag #TalkPay went viral in an effort to highlight inequality in wages – specifically in the technology workforce.

#TalkPay began as an attempt by Lauren Voswinkle to bring transparency to differential salaries. In an interview with Model View Culture, Voswinkle wrote:

“The lack of knowledge regarding reasonable salaries and predatory behaviors in tech companies can be directly attributed to the social taboo surrounding people talking openly about their salaries.”

The Daily Dot wrote that Pay inequality is not just a problem in technology, but in industries everywhere. Women earn 78 cents per dollar white men earn, and for women of color that discrepancy is even worse—Hispanic and Latina women earn 54% of what white men are paid, and African American women earn 64%, according to data from the American Association for University Women.


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