Kind Cops Go The Extra Mile To Help Pregnant Woman With Car Trouble

A pregnant woman’s car broke down at a convenience store parking lot but two cops saved the day.

Cops get so much negative publicity because it's always easy to talk about the negative. Negative will always make the...

Posted by Justine Bowen on  Monday, November 30, 2015


Despite all the negative publicity cops receive on a regular basis, one Florida woman has shared a story on her Facebook page that shows not all police-public relationships turn sour. 

Justine Bowen, who is seven months pregnant, recounted an incident where she was at a convince store parking lot when her car blew a tube, making it impossible for her to go anywhere.

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However, two Tampa police officers, Wendy Glaros and William Cain, immediately came to her rescue, and while Glaros stayed with Bowen, the other officer ran over to an auto parts store and purchased a new hose with his own money. Upon his return, he even assumed the role of a mechanic as he installed the part and got the car into functioning condition.

“This man went above and beyond for me today out of the kindness of his heart and I truly couldn’t be more thankful,” Bowen posted to her Facebook page.

This is not the first time cops have gone the extra mile for a person in need. In another incident that took place just recently, an elderly couple from Manchester, U.K., called the cops for help, and police constable Stu Ockwell rushed to their home, thinking something bad might have happened. He later discovered that everything was fine, however, the 95-year-olds were feeling really lonely and needed someone to talk to. He had tea with the two, as they chatted about war stories and other things, brightening up the couple’s day.

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