Target Workers Outfit Teen Facing Job Interview With Something More Than A Tie

These employees showed some exemplary customer service!

Sometimes, just small acts of kindness are enough to restore faith in humanity.

Shopper Audrey Mark was browsing through Target in North Carolina for some frozen chicken when she came across a heart-warming scene. She saw employees of the store helping a young man with his tie. She captured the picture and posted it on the store’s official Facebook page. The shot soon went viral.

As it turns out, the suited-up customer asked Target employee Cathy Scott for clip-on ties, but since the store was out, she offered the unidentified young man with a regular tie instead. However, the guy didn’t know how to tie it and he had a job interview in few minutes.

Scott took him to her co-worker Dennis Roberts, who not only taught him to tie the rectangular tie in order to look professional, but also gave him some tips on acing his interview at the nearby fast-food joint Chick-fil-A.

The Target team showed him how to give a firm handshake, told him to tuck his shirt in and look the interviewer in the eyes. When he left, the employees not only wished him goodbye but also told him to come back and tell them how the interview went.

Both of these employees even went to Chick-fil-A to inquire about the interview, but since they didn’t know the young man’s name, they were unable to find out if he got the job.

Check out the video below for Dennis and Cathy’s interview:

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