Bizarre Band Tattoo Themselves On Stage To Their Own Music – At Every Performance

Tat2NoiseAct is a weird combination of rock and performance art that leaves a lasting impact on the musicians' bodies.

Tattoo To Music

It’s not the extremely experimental music of the Belgian rock band Tat2NoiseAct that is their trademark, but the fact that they simultaneously draw tattoos on each other while giving you a performance of a lifetime.

During the act, the musicians leave their instruments one by one and switch on their tattoo instruments and ink away to the sound of music.

The result may not be a work of art but it sure is something:

Tatto Music

Tattoo Music

Tattoo Music

Tattoo Music

Tattoo Music

Did we tell you they are also sort of crazy?

Tattoo Music

Tattoos Music

If you think this is freaky, you should listen to their random screaming during the songs. They get louder and more impenetrable as the act goes on till at the time of climax, the performance is a loud buzz of tattoo guns, music and screams.

The whole group seems to be in a state of trance while they perform tasks beyond human comprehension.

“There is nothing conventional in our practice,” says a Tat2NoiseAct band member. “Everything is spontaneous, accidental, according to our mood. This is the exact opposite of what happens in tattoo parlors. There are no rules, nothing is planned. No one would walk into a parlor and say – you can do anything, even dance.”

Phil, one of the band members with the most tatts on him, says, “My skin is like a sketchbook.”

“We are, therefore we are. Tat2noise is an enormous provocation,” he explains. “None of it is planned. It’s freestyle.”

So what happens when there is no more skin to tattoo? Phil feels such a situation is still a long time off.

Who knows what the future holds? In the meantime the band is rocking and inking their way in to history.


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