Taylor Swift Actually Helped This Guy 'Shake Off' The Pounds

Can we get on this diet? Taylor Swift's music is great for dancing around and having a great time and for one guy, her music changed his life.

Taylor Swift, Ronnie Brower

Ronnie Brower from Syracuse who weighed 675 lbs. at his biggest, has used T. Swift's music as a way of losing weight. 

It actually worked.

Brower was so heavy that doctors thought he wouldn't make it to age 35. That's when he knew he had to do something.

Brower, in addition to being overweight, had issues with drugs and alcohol. He was unable to leave his home and didn't have a job.

When he made the decision to change, Brower used her music as motivation to get out of bed and get moving, and since then, has lost 425 lbs.

Good job, Ronnie!

Now, he wants her to acknowledge him at her next concert on June 3rd in Cleveland, and is getting fans to help by using the hashtag #ronnieweightloss.

Watch his incredible journey:

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