Taylor Swift Replies To This Kid's Letter

Taylor Swift has a countless number of fans, but this fan is definitely her biggest.

Caillou pettis

A huge fan of Taylor Swift, Caillou Pettis, wrote an awesome letter to Taylor Swift:

"My name is Caillou Pettis, and I love you, your fans, etc. Your songs are so sweet, and they’ve got so much meaning in every lyric, and it really makes me smile to know that a celebrity with tens of millions of fans replies to fans."

In it he said how amazing Taylor Swift is:

"taylorswift is so amazing."

He told her how he gets bullied for his name and being skinny, but he just uses Taylor Swift's lyrics to help him through it:

"I get bullied everyday, and I try to #ShakeItOff."

To Caillou's great surprise, T. Swift actually responded to this boy pouring his heart out:

Hi pal.
I was really shocked to hear you say that you’d been bullied because of your name because the first thing I thought when I saw it was ‘woah, Caillou is such a cool name’. "

She even gave him some good advice:

"And if someone punches you again, call the police and report them because that is assault. I’m serious. There’s no direct penalty for bullying with words (except karma) but no one is allowed to hit you. Ever."

Luckily for Caillou, he will never forget this:

"taylorswift If you replied to this, it would make my next 10 years!"

Taylor swift mine

...And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate!

Complete conversation below here;

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