Teen Pens Brilliant Response To Duke University’s Rejection Letter

High school senior rejects Duke's rejection letter.

Duke University

It’s that time of year where so many college hopefuls await acceptances from their dream universities, but unfortunately many don’t always fit the stringent criteria for America’s top schools, and a swarm of rejection letters piles in the mailbox instead. One high school student is hilariously turning the tides on college admissions with a rejection letter of her own with enough full-blown sass and satire to make the best colleges really rethink their decisions.

When North Carolina high school senior, Siobhan O’Dell, received her rejection letter from Duke University, instead of wallowing in misery, the student penned a rejection to the rejection that either proves her ingenious creativity should earn her a spot in the freshman class 2015 or her shameless confidence shows she’s just too good for Duke anyway.

Siobhan O'Dell rejects rejection letter from Duke University

Unfortunately, the rejection letter didn’t give her application a second read-through. Duke responded to her email with:

“I understand how disappointed you are that we were unable to offer you a space in our incoming class. I want to be honest with you and let you know that it’s very rare that we learn something that leads us to change our decision. In the last ten years we’ve received about 500 requests for a review…and changed the decision four times.”

However, the teen’s viral letter did land her an interview with the Duke Chronicle for today. So when you've got enough swag and sass, dreams kind of come true, right?

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