Teen Who Prevented Man’s Suicide Gets A Thank You That’ll Make You Cry

If you ever thought a single act of kindness could never make a difference in the world, let alone in the life of someone you didn't even know, think again.

Sixteen-year-old Jamie Harrington’s heartwarming story was recently posted on the Humans of Dublin Facebook page.

The Ballymun, Ireland resident was on his way to buy Gatorade when he saw a man sitting on the ledge of a bridge over the River Liffey.

Most people in that situation would figure, it’s none of my business. I don’t want to bother him. It’s probably fine.

But Harrington isn’t most people.

He stopped and asked the man is he was all right, and though he didn’t say anything, Harrington could tell from the tears in his eyes that something was terribly wrong.

After much pleading, Harrington was able to convince the man to come off the ledge and sit with him.

“We sat on the sidewalk on the south side of the Liffey and talked for about 45 minutes, about what was happening to him, why was he feeling that way...”

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Eventually, Harrington had to go, but he didn’t want to leave the man alone. He insisted on calling an ambulance, even though the man told him he’d be fine.

“I told him to please let me ring an ambulance, that I wouldn't sleep knowing he was just walking around alone. So I rang it.”

The man was taken to St. James Hospital, where he received treatment. Harrington kept in touch, just to see how he was doing.

Then, three months ago, the man texted him with some incredible news.

His wife is pregnant. They’re having a boy. And they’re naming him Jamie, after Harrington.


“He said in that moment that I approached him, he was just about to jump, and those few words saved his life. That they're still ringing in his head every day. "Are you okay?" I can't really understand how these few words could save his life, but he told me, "Imagine if nobody ever asked you those words..."

A single gesture of kindness saved a life, and made another one possible. 

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