These Two Idiots Were Caught On Video Surfing On The Back Of A High-Speed Train

A KiwiRail official said the boys were "idiots" who could’ve died while performing the stunt.

High Speed Train Surfing in New Zealand

Two teenage daredevils were caught on video dangling from the rear of a high-speed commuter train in New Zealand.

They were spotted outside Manor Park Station, north of Wellington by a Russian tourist family.

Footage of the dangerous stunt was later posted on Instagram and subsequently went viral.



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General Secretary of the Rail and Maritime Transport Union, Wayne Butson, told NZ media that such actions were “mindless stupidity.”

"If anything goes wrong then invariably it's [staff] who literally have to go back and look at the pieces that are left,” he said, adding the stunt was as bad as jumping in front of a train.

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Explaining the train could easily have been going at 70 or 80 kph on that track, KiwiRail zero harm manager Aaron Temperton said:

"Every now and then we get idiots who do this kind of thing. It is hugely irresponsible. People can die and have died from things such as this. We cannot understand why they would put themselves in harm's way."

Police are now investigating the incident, trying to identify the boys in the video.

"Falling off a train traveling at 90 kmh would have led to serious, if not fatal, injuries," stated police shift commander John Spence after saying that he was astounded by "the crazy stunt."

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