Watch Teens React As Man Admits To Killing Someone

Lauren Burgoon
A funny Web series turns deadly serious for a lifesaving cause.

The Fine Brothers normally turn up the funny on the Web with crazy reaction videos: kids react to cats, kids react to typewriters, Millennials react to "Saved By the Bell."

Their latest video is decidedly darker, and much, much more important. 

"Teens React to Drunk Driving" is just what it sounds like. Instead of a walk down nostalgia lane, the teens hear from Matthew Cordle, the Ohio man who gave a full viral video confession to killing Vincent Canzani while driving drunk. 

The teens react to both drunken driving and to Cordle's confession. Some of them admit they might struggle to make the same confession Cordle did; the real question is, do the teens promise to never put themselves in that situation to begin with? 

We like the Fine Brothers' funny videos as much as the next person. But this is the one really worth watching.