Chinese Teens Take Their Selfie Game To The Next Level

Warning: These selfies may result in foot cramps and sore ankles.

Take a HANDS-FREE selfie

If you think your selfie-game is on point, think again, because teens in China are taking theirs to the next level by the means of foot-selfies – which are NOT the photos of their feet, despite the name.

A new, hands-free method to take selfies has recently started appearing on Chinese social networking websites where young men and women use their feet to hold the phone and snap the picture.

For example, if you take a selfie like this:

Teens in China Found a Brand-New Way to Take Selfies

It will result in a photo like this:

hands-free selfies

Thanks to the timer apps, these teens don’t need to use their toes to press the shutter.

Pretty clever, right?

This strange trend also gives you the liberty to use both your hands in the photo, because as revolutionary – and annoying – as the selfie sticks  are, they still require one hand to snap a picture.

Selfie Level: Expert

Be sure you have toes of steel to maintain a firm grip on the cell phone and incredible agility because such techniques have the potential to cause severe cramps, sprained ankles and general soreness.

Here’s another example:

one-foot selfies

This innovative, selfie-hack drew attention after a Twitter user shared some of these photos on the social media, leaving people in awe of these teens’ creative thinking and flexibility. So far, these images have been retweeted more than 4,000 times.

Caught Me Sleeping

Love it or loathe it, this trend definitely beats the zombie-like selfie stick that looks like a human arm.

Just make sure to snap these selfies while sitting on a balanced surface.

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