More Teens Are Attempting DIY Kylie Jenner-Style "Bottle Lip Jobs" And It’s Stupid

Teenagers trying to get Kylie Jenner-style pout: Stop in the name of common sense – please.

Bottle Lip Jobs

A lot more women are attempting a rather dangerous – and stupid – DIY "bottle lip job" in an effort to get a pout like Kylie Jenner.

Here’s how it works: People put her lips into a plastic bottle and suck the air out, causing their lips to swell.

After a 24-year-old Aussie student Brittany Forster’s lip-enhancement fail went viral last month, many thought the ridiculous trend would die down. But they were all wrong.

Another unpleasant case of Yrja Ás Baldvinsdottir and her sister Birgitta Ás, from Reykjavik, Iceland. They also tried the bottle lips trick and failed miserably.

Yrja Ás Baldvinsdottir and her sister Birgitta Ás

“I just wanted to try it and see what they would look like, I’ve never done it before, and I won’t be doing it again. My lips turned blue,” Yrja stated on her Facebook page. She also put up pictures, however, removed them after seeing that more people were actually copying her idea.

“I wanted to warn people against do-it-yourself lip expansion, but was really surprised and shocked that it ended up being something that loads of people were copying,” she added.

Here are some more images from the Internet of people trying out the absurd trend:

lip job gone wrong

Bottle Lip Jobs gone wrong

Bad Bottle Lip Jobs

horrific bottle lips jobs

Cosmetic surgeon Pordiis Kjartansdottir said, according to Daily Mail, though she had not heard about the DIY lip job, people should stop doing it because it’s dangerous.

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“I can definitely say that this would be dangerous even just to try it, and especially somebody does it more than once,” she said, adding, “The lips turn blue because blood fills up and they could easily become infected and lose all sensation. It is a really dangerous stunt and I’d advise strongly against anybody trying it.”

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