Teens Try the #CharlieCharlieChallenge to Contact Demons

We all remember the scary games we used to play, such as Bloody Mary, The Midnight Game and Three Kings, to name a few. Teens are now trying a rendition of an old Mexican game called "Charlie Charlie: The Pencil Game," and posting their experience on Twitter #charliecharliechallenge.

Out with the Ouija boards, in with the hash tags and pencils! A new trend has gone viral on Twitter this past Thursday that had teens posting their experience playing the #charliecharliechallenge.

The Pencil Game is an old, traditional Mexican game that involves six pencils used to contact the spirit of a young boy named Charlie, who allegedly killed himself. Others familiar with the game say it is a dangerous ritual that should not be toyed with.

Here's how to play Charlie Charlie:

Take a sheet of paper, draw two intersecting lines to make four squares. Write the word "Yes" in the top left and bottom right, and write the word "No" in the other two spaces. Take two pencils and line them up with the two lines you drew. It should look something like this:


Then you chant, "Charlie, Charlie, can we play?" And depending on Charlie's mood, he will either move the top pencil to point to a "Yes" or "No."

Here's how a couple teens experimented:

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