#DontJudgeChallenge: The Body Positivity Movement That Missed Its Mark

The bizarre trend claims to stand against body shaming, but it only continues to strengthen existing beauty stereotypes in the worst way possible.


Of all the strange and dramatic body positivity trends to ever grace the Internet, this one seems to have completely missed its mark.

Teens all over the world are currently going through a miraculous transformation, turning themselves from “ugly” to “beautiful” for the latest social media movement #DontJudgeChallenge – a trend that purportedly stands for body positivity, but in fact shames people for having bad skin and less than stellar smiles.

Users on Twitter and Instagram are posting short videos of highlighting their ugly facial features – which include thick, painted unibrows, fake zits and pimples, unruly hair, glasses, artificially blackened teeth, and of course, unattractive facial expressions.

The teens proceed to cover the camera with their hand, and after a brief black-out, reveal their attractive acne-free faces with meticulous hairdos and makeup.

Take a look:



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#dontjudgechallenge #yungslutfollowtrain

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I'm so sorry ya'll, I had too! 😂 #dontjudgechallenge

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Also known as #DontJudgeABookByItsCover, this challenge apparently aims to confront those who immediately judge people by their looks. The movement actually began on Facebook, and while its origins are unclear, there are entire Twitter and Instagram accounts dedicated to this bizarre fad.

Now, it’s all laughs and giggles, and definitely a great way to score some “likes” on social media, but what about the message it’s endorsing?

In an age when people – particularly teens – are obsessed with their flaws and are insecure about appearances, this silly movement is actually telling them that having blemishes and wearing glasses make them looks ugly, or that it’s OK to mock someone with braces and thick eyebrows because they don’t fit into the stereotypical definition of beauty.

The challenge has received a lot of criticism online. In fact, opponents of this trend have even joined forces to form a counter-movement, #BeautyInAllChallenge.

While these teens most probably have good intentions at heart, this trend goes exactly against what they are trying to promote. Instead of putting a stop to body shaming, this movement is unfortunately strengthening existing beauty stereotypes.

Not to mention, these videos may also be seen simply as good-looking teens posting dramatic videos to confirm how beautiful they are.

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