Tel Aviv City Hall Workers Tow Away Woman’s Car Parked In Legal Zone And Paint Spot For Disabled People (Video)

Hila Ben Baruch, a student in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel had got her ‘legally parked’ car towed away by city workers. The incident was caught on camera and is now going viral over the internet.

The surveillance footage shows that Baruch’s car is parked in a legal zone when a tow truck stopped by and took away her car while two city hall workers began painting a spot for disabled people around the car. Moreover, she was directed to pay a fine of 1,350 shekel ($365).

Ben Baruch posted the footage on her Facebook account entitled ‘To see and not believe’ which got shared by thousands and the municipality was forced to issue a statement of apology calling the incident a ‘severe mistake and a case of incompetence.’

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