This Black-and-White Video Of Teletubbies Resides Somewhere In Your Nightmares

Amna Shoaib
Who knew Teletubbies were a black magic cult? The internet has done some questionable, utterly inexplicable things in the past.

Like this one time it thought Rihanna's puffy pink Grammy gown was a perfect replacement for Nicki Minaj's hair.

Nicki Minaj's hair

Or when it just did not know how to react to Kim K's "break the internet photo, so it hypothesized that she must be a centaur.

kim kardashian horse

But none of this could provide justification for this – this anomaly that has robbed our lives of color, steeping them into an evil, mind-numbing shade of black and white.

Someone on the internet tried to imagine a black and white version of our childhood favorite, Teletubbies, to terrifying results. But along came an evil mastermind who decided this was not enough. So he set the whole video on Joy Division's single "Atmosphere" and all of are now in throes of a deep existential crises.

Flat-faced Po cycle on barren landscapes, turning to face us with his dead-pan expressions against the symphony to our miseries and the sounds of wailing, dying memories of a childhood, the innocence of which may never be salvaged.