Temporary Amnesia? No Problem: Redditor Makes An Easy Q&A List For His Friend; And It’s Going Viral!

Redditors are funny, smart and creative. They come up with cool ideas even in bad and terrible situations.

Redditors are funny, smart and creative. They come up with cool ideas even in bad and terrible situations.

Redditor RiskayBusiness is a recent such example. He posted a picture on the famous microblogging site entitled: My friend was in an accident this morning. He's doing okay but had to make him this so he'd stop asking me questions., just a few hours ago and now the post has around 2675 comments and has been shared multiple times.

Here’s the picture:

Redditor RiskayBusiness

Redditor RiskayBusiness actually tackled his friend in probably the best way ever. He created a list of all the answers that his friend had asked him over and over again. The list is serious and funny at the same time.

We must credit RiskayBusiness for coming up with an idea which served as a relief for himself and of course his friend.

Let’s just hope he recovers soon.

The post generated a lot of comments in which people shared their stories as well. Here are a few good ones.


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I once spent 4 hours reminding my friend what a mango is called. He didn't have any other questions about what happened to him (fell off a roof). Just, "what's the name of that one fruit?"


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It seriously is. My friend got a concussion while we were snowboarding, and we ended up making a list like this. Eventually he would start asking other questions and saying different things, but then he would just repeat those things and we would have the same conversation over and over again for hours in the hospital. It's funny at first, but then it gets annoying, but you can't really get mad at him because he can't help it even though you really want to punch him in the face.

He tells me now that he can't remember most of that day.


As an EMT turned ER nurse, I can say that yes, perseveration (your new fun word of the day), is annoying. Sitting next to someone strapped to a board, who, every 3 and a half minutes is struck by the startling and disturbing realization that they are strapped to a board calls upon both huge reserves of patience and compassion. It's so clear that they're freaked out and scared, but at the same time you just want to wring their little c-collared necks.


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I'll always remember the patience of the paramedic that was in the back of the ambulance with me after a crash. I was strapped to a board and terrified; I remember it all but I kept bursting into tears due to the shock I guess. I could hear his exasperation but he was super kind and professional the whole time, I was probably more annoyed about it than he was.


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There was an old gentleman with Alzheimer's that came to our care home one afternoon a week to give his wife a break. He had a laminated sheet which told him that he didn't live here, where he actually lived, why he was here, how he got here and when and how he would get home. He would still constantly ask where his wife was and what he was doing here. Heartbreaking really.


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My Grampa had dementia that only effected his short term memory like this. Notes wouldn't work because he would forget to check the note.

Although it was heartbreaking and irritating, there was an upside. He never forgot his close family memebers like someone with alzheimers. And, he could reexperience simple joys over and over. When we had a real snowfall, a rarity here, he would forget and then get to experience the joy of seeing the snow for the first time every time he looked outside. He could tell the same joke 20 times in a row and be equally tickled at making us laugh. Of couse, he was such a good man that we never minded laughing at the same jokes.
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