Djokovic and Sharapova Pitted Against Each Other – Check Out Who Wins

Now here’s a challenge: Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova pitted against each other in a battle of speed vs. instinct.

Now this is a classic, timeless video. Choosing between tennis aces Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova is not easy - so what better way to find out than to pit them against each other?

And this is exactly what Head Racquets, a sports equipment and clothing company, did. The result was this enchanting yet hilarious video. 

It’s hilarious because of the challenging mood between the two pros and knowing that they don’t mean it. It's actually fascinating to see two such high profile professionals letting their serious courtside personas go, throwing challenges at each other and giggling like a couple of carefree teenagers.

“Time for that revenge I was talking about! Last year my fellow HEAD Tennis player Novak Djokovic tried to impersonate me. Very amusing wasn’t it?! Bahahaha. Now, here’s my revenge. I’m going to challenge him in a contest of Speed vs. Instinct,” Sharapova said via Facebook.

Djokovic responded via his Facebook, “It seems that Maria Sharapova didn’t want to let me get away so easily with all my impersonations of her in the past few years. It was finally her turn to challenge me and I can tell you this – she was pretty much thinking out of the box :) But see for yourself where this challenge took place. Oh, and you should follow the full contest at HEAD Tennis”.

Both Djokovic and Sharapova are former US Open champions.

Even though Rafael Nadal has just beat Djokovic to win a record-extending ninth French Open title and Sharapovain has won her second French Open title, they are both champs and it’s still a treat to see them trying to outwit each other.

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