Guy Captures Terrifying Moments As Plane Fills With Smoke

What do you do when the plane you’re flying in, has an engine failure midair. Why, make a video of course!

YouTube user mikefwelch was on a JetBlue flight when one of the plane’s engines caught fire. While the captain tried controlling the situation and the flight attendants went through the safety drill, Mike started recording the entire ordeal:

It’s a really terrifying situation to be in. However, some of the fear dissipates when you see people taking photos and the guy filming the whole thing, as the cabin filled with smoke.

"It was pretty nerve-wracking, man, you couldn't see really in front of you, the entire plane filled with smoke all the way, lot of loud banging," said passenger Shaun Mahoney.

"'I may not survive this.' I felt that this may be it," said passenger Samuel Long.

mikefwelch also managed to capture some footage of the landing:

The plane carrying 147 passengers was traveling from Long Beach Airport to Austin, Texas when 10 minutes in to the flight its second engine caught fire.

The JetBlue plane landed safely but four passengers needed medical attention.

"Three were treated and released at the scene, and one was transported, and I believe has been since released," said Long Beach Fire Dept. Deputy Chief Richard Brandt.


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