'Insane Mode' Jets Tesla P85D From 0-60 In 3.2 Seconds, And It's CRAZY!

Woah! The Tesla Model S P85D takes off like there's no tomorrow.

tesla insane mode

The new Tesla Model S dual-motor has an insane feature that makes it go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. Aptly titled the "Insane Mode," it makes the world-famous electric car attain speeds of 60 or even 70 mph with the push of a button and all in a few wild seconds.

As Business Insider points out, this sort of super acceleration is usually found in high-end sports cars or even Formula 1 supercars, but never in sedans likes this one here.

To test how insane the Insane Mode really is, YouTube channel DragTimes had unsuspecting people experience it and filmed their reactions. They might have gone thinking that Insane Mode's cheesy name is just a marketing gimmick, but once the driver presses that button on Tesla P85D's digital console, the car takes off literally like a roller coaster but without any buildup.

To know how people react to Tesla Model S's Insane Mode, check out the video above.

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