Tesla Motors CEO Walks On Top Of Flying Plane

Nothing to see here, folks. Just another day in the lives of the rich & famous. Wait, what do you mean success doesn't make one impervious to all bodily harm?

Most of us draw the limit at, say, white-water rafting when it comes to risky yet fun activities to spice up one’s summer.

Then there are those among us who have made a career off of daredevilish stunts. For them, it’s not a hobby. It’s a lifestyle, and one that’s often profitable.


I heart wing walking! #bestdayever

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So what excuse does Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk have for being a stark raving madcap? Shouldn’t he be, like, golfing or something?

Musk and his wife, actress Talulah Riley, had some fun this past weekend that’ll make your whole life look like a baby-proofing PSA. While the rest of us view the average bi-plane as a precarious-looking artifact unfit for riding, Musk and Riley are far more comfortable with aircraft obsolescence. So comfortable, in fact, that they’ll willingly take a stroll along the wing of a plane mid-flight. Like, no big deal.


And here is @elonmusk wing walking!!

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The stunt, termed “wing walking,” dates back to the air shows of the 1920s, when airplanes were still something of a novelty and people didn’t expect to live that long, anyway (we’re guessing).

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wing walking

We’re not one for encouraging death-defying stunts in the name of awesome selfies, but even we have to admit: these are awesome selfies.

Elon Musk just took a wild walk on an airplane wing


Here I am, wing walking! #wingwalking

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But seriously, kids, don’t try this at home. There’s a fine line between Instagram legend and Darwin Awards honoree, and no manner of aesthetically-pleasing photo filters will save you once you’re a pancake on the pavement.

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