11 Most Ridiculously Gorgeous Ryan Gosling Doppelgangers On The Planet

Ryan Goslings everywhere! In case you didn’t know, Coach Kliff Kingsbury is back.

The Texas Tech football coach and former college and professional quarterback made headlines last year after some people noticed his striking resemblance to Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling. Needless to mention, the guy has a huge fan following.

Owing to his celebrity-like status, the Ryan Gosling of college football is often in the news and most recently the Internet went crazy after a couple of poolside photos featuring Kingsbury surfaced over the weekend.

However, Kingsbury’s not the only one who looks like Ryan Gosling in this world.

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Here’s a list of 11 gorgeous men who are doing a perfect job as Gosling’s doppelgangers.


Grant Hazell is a perfect doppelganger of the Hollywood heartthrob and is a police officer who lives in Perth, Australia.

Someone spotted this unidentified dancer Gosling twin somewhere.

YouTuber Joey Thompson went viral for his “How To Look Like Ryan Gosling” video.

A Redditor’s friend named Garret looks like a younger version of the star.

Then there is this man who feels the same way about himself:

And another:

As well as this person:

This sleepy guy on the subway looks an awful lot like Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling’s love child.

Also, famous British researcher Harry Price looked a lot like Gosling.

And Australian composer and pianist Percy Grainger definitely had the same piercing eyes.

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