Man Misses Giant Humpback Whale Because He Was Busy Texting

He didn't even offer a cursory glimpse to the giant mammal.

humpback whale

Technology undoubtedly makes our life easier, but it also leads us to miss some of the wondrous scenes around us.

Take a look at this guy, for instance, who was so thoroughly busy with his smartphone, he had no idea that a giant humpback whale was swimming just 2 feet away from his boat. Yes, he missed a creature that measures 12–16 meters in length and weighs up to 36,000 kilograms.

Photographer Eric Smith captured the technology-trumps-nature incident and posted the photo on his Instagram account.

Not only did the smartphone addict miss the gargantuan mammal around him, but also remained unaware of a photo snapping pictures of him.

Smith later told ABC News: “We’re all guilty being buried in our phones, even me. You think life is better on your phone, but we’re missing what’s happening around us.”