Texting While Riding: Saudi Man Using Cell Phone On Hood Of Speeding Car Goes Viral (VIDEO)


Texting while driving is dangerous but have you ever seen anyone texting while riding? And that too on the hood of a speeding car? It’s insane right?

The video above shows a Saudi man texting and using his cell phone in different positions while sitting on the hood of a speeding car. The crazy Saudi video, filmed in Riyadh is totally going viral and has gained more than a million views.

One believes after watching this video that insanity has no limits. Please don’t try this ever. This man just luckily pulled off without his stunt going horribly wrong. Otherwise we have seen before how these stunts end up ruining or ending your life.

Risking you life for such insane stunts is just not okay. Take a look at the video and tell us if you agree with us or not.

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