The One Thing That Technology Will Never Be Able To Replace

July 10, 2014: Sure, we want technology in our lives, but what we really need is love.

Technology may be a blessing for the human race but its advancement in the past decade or so has been quite an overwhelming experience.

Old-school gadgets including wristwatches, flashlights, Kodak cameras and portable music players have been replaced by a single mobile device – the smartphone.

It has undeniably become an integral part of our lives. For many, life without the Internet is almost as miserable and unimaginable as life without oxygen.

However, is this all normal?

Should technology be allowed to replace everything? Can it really become a substitute for not just gadgets but also for people and emotions?

Certainly not.

This beautiful commercial will help you understand why exactly that won’t ever happen.

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Released by Thai mobile provider DTAC, this advertisement shows a father – or maybe a teenage boy (it’s not really been made clear in the video) – who sees a baby crying and has no idea what to do.

Predictably, he takes out his smartphone and calls the mother who asks him to show cartoon penguins to calm the baby down.

But the cartoons don’t work and the mother then talks to her kid through a video message in hopes that it might help.

When nothing works out, the frantic man puts down the phone, realizing that the Internet won’t stop the baby from crying.

The message of the advertisement – though doesn’t really go with what the brand DTAC promotes – is beautiful nevertheless.

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