Brilliant Campaign Uses Tea To Raise Awareness About Sexual Consent

Sexual consent is not a complicated concept. It is quite simple and straightforward – in fact, it is just like making and wanting a cup of tea.

Who knew you could explain consent in such an effective way only using “a cup of tea” as an analogy.

“Simple misunderstandings” often become the basis of rape and assault cases. Over the past many years, the seemingly apparent misinterpretation has affected a large number of victims in the court of law. However, a police department in the United Kingdom is trying to tackle the issue by comparing sex to a well-known British pastime — drinking tea.

Thames Valley Police recently launched its "Consent is Everything" drive in the U.K. to educate people struggling with the concept about the ridiculousness of their arguments. The campaign includes a three-minute video that shows stick figures offering, making and drinking to refusing and forcing it down other’s throat in different situations.

“You can make them a cup of tea but be aware that they might not drink it and if they don’t drink it  and this is the important bit  don’t make them drink it,” the voiceover in the video explains. “And if they say ‘no thank you’, then don’t make them tea. At all. Just don’t make them tea.”

While emphasizing the point that consent on one occasion is not permanent, the ad also focuses on the so-called “gray area” by highlighting how saying yes to “tea around your house last Saturday” does not mean they would want it next week as well.

Blue Seat Studios originally created the video earlier this year. However, it has gone viral since the police adopted as an awareness campaign.

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