Pranked Distraught Girl Thinks She Cooked A Pregnant Turkey

Thanksgiving is a good time to feel blessed to have a loving family. This lady, however, may feel differently.

Turkeys do not get pregnant. They like, all other species of birds, lay eggs. But apparently not everyone knows this.

The young woman in this video is a prime example of that.

She may not be the smartest of people but it still seems unfair to put her through it. But her family did. The video shows a girl taking stuffing out of a turkey while her mother is filming her progress. All is going well till she comes across a “turkey inside a turkey” as she puts it.

Imagine the horror of realizing that you may just have cooked a pregnant turkey! The young lady in the video is distraught and starts crying – which only gets worse as she can’t fathom why no one else is bothered, let alone upset, over the atrocity that has just taken place. She is so distressed that she doesn’t even seem to hear her mother who keeps telling her it’s a prank.

It’s hilarious – and kind of awful – and yet another reason to avoid cooking a turkey.