Teen From Viral Target Photo Lands The Job

A happy ending for Internet sensation Yasir Moore.

Yasir Moore

Remember that teen from that viral Target photo, who a shopper captured in a heartwarming photograph? He got the job! 

It all started when a photo of  Yasir Moore went viral. He had walked into Target in Raleigh, North Carolina, looking for a clip-on tie to go with his suit. Moore was trying to dress the part for a job interview. But then he learned Target only sold regular ties, not the easy clip-on ones.

The teen didn't know quite how to tie the tie, so a Target employee helped him. Not only that, the employee helped him with interview questions, showed him how to tuck in his shirt properly, and taught him a proper handshake.

Other employees witnessing this sweet event also helped to encourage the young teen.

All this positivity certainly paid off, as the teen scored his interview and got the job at Chick-fil-A. Good for you, kid!

Anyone youngster who wears a suit to a job interview for Chick-fil-A, should without question, get the job. Hopefully this will be a lesson not only on human interaction, but also how to land a job! 

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