Some Of Best, Most Amazing 2014 Reddit Posts

The social media sharing site was full of LOLs, Awwws and OMGs this year.

If you're not familiar with Reddit, 2015 is the time to become a fan!  

Reddit is an entertainment, social networking service and news website where registered community members can submit content. Users can then vote submissions "up" or "down" to organize the posts and determine their position on the site's pages. 

Landing on Reddit's homepage is fun and fascinating - and you might just learn something. Need more convincing? Check out a few amazing Reddit posts from 2014 below.

This kid really, really likes getting shots! 

This job applicant had a big "ooops" x30! 

Posted in the "TIFU" (Today I F*%ked Up) category, a user accidentally sent out 30 resumes with a headshot of an ewok and the words: "Prepare Your Anus." (A popular meme.)

The reply from one prospective employer was particularly on target: "I can forsee you sliding into this job." With over 12,500 upvotes, this screw up was a site fave.

One Reddit user asked "What tasty food would be disgusting if eaten over rice?" Over 6,000 comments brings this post to the top with Fruity Pebbles and milk being the biggest, grossest winner.

An anonymous IT worker blogged about some of his maddening encounters with tech-challenged co-workers. His rant got 14,020 net upvotes.

Burrito fans flipped over this post. One redditor shared a Chipotle hack that gets you more chicken every time. The post got a meaty 17,827 upvotes.

"This is Carter. He knocked on my door to ask if he could have a banana then left."  'Nuff said. 29,472 upvotes proves everyone loves the kid and tropical fruit combo.

Reddit's top post this year was actually a bottom, plumber butt cracks to be specific. 

A man posted selfies of himself in prayer with as many plumber cracks as he could find at a Magic: The Gathering Tournament

The pix were not appreciated by tournament officials who banned the sneaky photographer from all upcoming events.  But the butt crack collection is an internet fame winner with almost 40,000 upvotes.

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