The Best Online Reactions To Martin Shkreli's Arrest And Bail

The scumbag CEO who raised an important medication's price exponentially has been arrested on securities fraud charges and the Internet is rejoicing.

Martin Shkreli was arrested on Thursday for engaging in what is being described as a Ponzi scheme at his former hedge fund and at a separate pharmaceutical company. 

Shkreli was arrested at Murray Hill Town Apartments in downtown Manhattan. He was wearing a grey hoodie and flanked by a slew of armed law enforcement officers. 

martin shkreli

Many on the internet are rejoicing at the news and #Karma has been labeled on more than a few tweets related to this story. 

Here are some of the best reactions from around the web as we collectively watch this dragon be slain.

The Web was brought crashing down a bit though upon the revelation that Shkreli had been released on bail for the small sum of $5 million!

Don't worry, Shkreli's most important character flaw was not overlooked during all of this new controversy. 

Nor was his resemblance to certain early 2000's Disney Channel stars. 

Shkreli's criminal proceedings going forward and we certainly be huge news. We will be providing all the updates as things develop so make sure to check back often! 

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Banner Image: @CNN via Twitter 

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