The 'Dog Pants' Debate Is Completely Dividing The Internet

Not since "The Dress" has the Internet been besieged by such a fierce debate. We will all remember where we were when we first saw the "Dog Pants" Image.

2015 has been a year of ideological divisions in the United States.

How should we deal with terrorism? Are the police friend or foe? How open should our borders be? These are just a few of the questions that have divided Americans this year.

These are serious issues that need to be discussed, but this week a question of such great importance was posed that it eclipsed all of these other monumental inquiries.

If a dog wore pants which way would it wear them?

Jared Keller, an editor for Maxim magazine tweeted out the above message and, in doing so, cleaved the internet in two. 

Sides were quickly taken. 

Point: The collective for the dog on the left believe fervently that pants should cover their hosts legs. Since a dog has four legs than four-legged pantaloons are required. 

Counterpoint: However, the society for the rightmost example believe that pants exist to cover...other important parts of a creature's anatomy and, therefore, the second dog is more correct. 

What is most surprising, however, is how quickly and fiercely the debate was embraced by the mainstream media. 

Major outlets such as ABC and MTV added their considerable weight to the discussion. Even the more intellectual organizations, such as The Atlantic got in on the debate.

Dog owners, perhaps fearing that action was necessary to prevent this debate from destroying civilized society, decided to use their pets to settle the argument once and for all.

Does this settle the issue one and for all? Perhaps, or perhaps not. 

But, at least we can rest assured that our collective energy is being spent on the most important issues. 

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Banner Image: @GMA on Twitter

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