Ouch! Here Are The Worst Ways To Remove That Moustache After Movember

Now you’ll know what NOT to do to get rid of that 'stache post-Movember.

Mehdi Sadaghdar is a brave Iranian man who faces the arduous task of removing facial hair. He wants to show you the best – or the worst – ways to get rid of his moustache. And ouch!  

It’s December, bringing an end to the Movember movement, also known as “No-shave-November,” which is practiced to spread awareness about prostate cancer. But now is the time to pick up those razors, tweezers or whatever you have got at your disposal.

Sadaghdar goes where no man ever should, as he tries out several methods of hair removal that include waxing, electrolysis and knife shaving.

Inspired by the pain he went through, he also seemed to experience a moment of gratitude. “I'd like to thank all women for going through so much pain to make themselves more appealing to us [men]. And I wanna say it's not necessary. Some of us may like you for your looks but at the end of the day it’s your health and attitude that makes us love you.”

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