When Women Choose To Be Fearless, Magic Ensues

July 02, 2014: An online project that encourages women to be fearless and courageous.

In the wake of India’s high profile December 2012 New Delhi rape case, animator, visual artist, storyteller, and TED speaker Shilo Shiv Suleman called on artists across the country to use their art to encourage women to live fearlessly in a project entitled The Fearless Collective”.

“Fearless is a growing collective of Artists and Designers that have responded to the Delhi Gang Rape and India’s feminist wave with beautiful affirmations of Fearlessness and Courage in the form of Posters,” states the Tumblr page for the initiative.

Through “Fearless”, Suleman also reminds women that they need to do more than just submit their artwork on her page.

“While we need to keep sharing these links and letting these stories be heard so that it remains in the nation’s consciousness. We also need to keep reaffirming fearlessness and channel all this energy somewhere. We need to keep going out at night, taking public transport, wearing what we want, dancing, singing, being beautiful.”

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Here is the first submission by Suleman herself:

She writes:

I’ve realized that I’ve spend the last two weeks or more constantly feeding myself with stories about rape in India, I’ve caught myself afraid on buses, afraid in autos. Afraid. There are some articles that are written for us to get a better understanding of gender roles, aggression and sexuality in India but there are some that are just striking fear in our hearts.”

“We need to use our ART and VOICES to AFFIRM fearlessness and bravery.” 

Following are some of the best responses from artists all over the world to Suleman’s project:

“I captured this moment during dussera last year when this little girl was trying to locate Goddess Durga’s reflection on the mirror and ended up looking at her own reflection. For me she was no less than the Goddess!! She is the Goddess in human form…so we all are in different aspects…that’s my perception when I see this picture,” says contributor Mithu Chakraborty.

A post by Hermi Tang. She cycled for the first time for the day before posting the image.

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