The Funniest Revelations About Disney You Never Thought You'd Have

The best of the Internet's movie analyses of Disney which prove we all have too much time on our hands. Where childhood meets grown-up critical thinking skills.

This Disney/Harry Potter crossover that's totally on point

Funniest Revelation


This clever bit of movie symbolism, visible to only the most careful of viewers 

movie symbolism


This astute observation about Disney villainry 

Disney villainry


This home decor disaster

home decor disaster


This translation fail

translation fail


This fan theory that may just be too much of a stretch...


And this one that you just need to be true


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This chuckle-worthy double meaning

double meaning


And this subtle character quirk that should've given us a clue

subtle character


This heartening thought that'll make you miss your family


This second thought that will make you want to find a mint


And this all-out fan-stavaganza


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