GOP Still Selfish And Slimey As Ever With New Healthcare Roadblock

Believe it or not, this was the most moderate headline I was able to come up with considering the subject matter.

The past few weeks have been heavily dominated by the subject of gun control in the United States. The recent Paris attacks coupled with Wednesday's mass shooting in San Bernardino, California has left the American public scared, angry, and looking for someone to blame. 

This has given rise to a wave of Islamophobic sentiment spreading across the country, and also to a fresh outcry for more stringent gun control on both social media and many major news outlets. 

However, in the midst of all this hullabaloo the Republicans in the Senate have covertly passed a bill that would effectively dismantle the Obamacare system signed into law by its namesake in 2010. 

It will almost certainly be vetoed by President Obama the moment it reaches his desk, but this is just the latest proof in a series of events revealing that this Republican congress is more concerned with its own interests than the interests of the people who elected them.


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Fear Is Their Weapon 

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump wants to build a wall along the southern border to keep immigrants out. Nearly every major GOP personality has had at least one incident of Islamophobic behavior. 

These people want to create bogeymen out of ordinary people so that the voters are too scared to think clearly. 

The easiest way to unify a group of individuals is to give them a common enemy. 

For Republicans, these enemies are immigrants and Muslims. They create that fear so they can leverage political power in favor of their interest groups and donors. 

If Muslim's are trying to kill you then surely the NRA is right and there should be a gun in every household. 

If immigrants are waiting to steal your job then you should be content with a lower hourly wage and not cause a fuss.

They want us to be scared because when we're scared we aren't thinking clearly and it is only ever to an addled brain that GOP politics ever make sense. 


Obama Is Their Enemy 

More than anything Republicans in 2015 want to harm Barack Obama in any way they can. This is seen most clearly in their vehement attacks on the issue closest to Obama's heart: Health Care. 

The Obamacare system is, for better or worse, the cornerstone of Obama's presidency. Healthcare is what he will be known for so healthcare is what his Republican enemies have decided to target. 

By passing this measure (a measure that anyone with half a brain can see will be vetoed), senate Republicans are sending the message that they would rather waste time on a doomed piece of legislation than spend time fixing the nation's real problems. 

A similar statement was made when hard-line Republicans were willing to let the entire government shut down rather than allow liberal healthcare agency to continue to be federally funded. 

They don't care about who wins they just want to make sure that Obama loses. 


Distraction is Their Goal 

A few months back a special congressional subcommittee once again decided to flay Hillary Clinton for the spectacular failure that was the Benghazi consulate attacks. 

These hearings were quickly revealed to be a political circus that served no purpose other than to help the Republican examiners score a few cheap political points. 

It is no coincidence, however, that these hearings lined up perfectly with the nuclear meltdown that occurred in the Republican congress upon the resignation of former speaker of the house John Boehner. 

It became necessary to once again distract the American people with a sideshow rather than face the real problems this country is facing. 


Suffering is The Result  

Because of the GOP's dogmatic allegiance to  corporate sponsors rather than voters we still live in a country that floods the streets with legal guns that kill thousands every year. 

Because of them we still have a broken prison system that focuses more on profits than rehabilitation. 

And now, thanks to them we are still fighting for the basic necessity of a health care program that exists to serve the needs of the sick rather than the pockets of the rich.

Hopefully, the American people will become aware and active enough to prevent this perversion of the political system from persisting for much longer. 


Banner Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

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