Egypt’s Prospective President Sisi Uses “Happy” For Campaign

“Happy” becomes a part of the Egyptian presidential elections.

Pharrell Williams’ Oscar-nominated song has become a global phenomenon. From the United States to Ukraine, the track has become more of an anthem for people who want to share their joy with the world.

This week, Egyptians also jumped on the “Happy” bandwagon to express their support for Abdel Fatah al Sisi – the top Presidential candidate of the country who has vowed to take his people out of political, economic and religious turmoil.

In the video, pro-Sisi Egyptians dance around with signs and T-shirts reading “Long live Egypt” which is the official slogan of his campaign.

A fine choice it is, indeed, to show that Egypt’s prospective leader not only embraces popular culture but has also vowed to bring happiness back to the revolution-torn nation.

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However, it might also be considered a little inappropriate for Sisi to use “Happy” at a time when two separate mass death sentences were announced in the country in two months.

In March, 529 people were sentenced to death for carrying out attacks during last year’s clashes and the murder of a police officer. Human rights advocates called the ruling "a disaster" and "a scandal" for Egypt.

But on April 28th, the same judge condemned another 683 people to the gallows in a separate case. Although many think that these mass executions may not be carried out, such cases are tarnishing the already-tainted image of Egypt in the international community.

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