The Homeless Man Who Gave Another A Home

Here’s a good deed completing a full circle. This amazing video will restore your faith in humanity.

Sometimes you don’t need to be a born-millionaire to be selfless. This man’s life was touched by an act of selflessness but watch what he does next.

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A few months ago, YouTuber and famous prankster known as Magic of Rahat and some internet users raised enough money to get a homeless man, Eric, accommodation and necessary supplies for a year.

They rented a house for a year, furnished it, and bought all necessary supplies and put the rest of the money into a joint account for Eric to use. Rahat would be overseeing the transactions but promised he would not be touching any money in it.

What’s more, Eric found a job, so he was able to support himself and it was decided that the money left over from the fundraiser in the account would be there in case of need.

Rahat may be a prankster with mischief on his mind; but his act of selflessness changed someone’s life.

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Eric, not forgetting the good deed done to him, decided to take the kindness forward and help someone else; and hence the video above.

Now isn’t that simply marvelous?

As one of Rahat’s Facebook fans said, “Your videos are entertaining, and all, but this was truly magical. I mean, amazing how he wanted to share the wealth whole heartily. Great story and inspiration to just give back to others.”

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