The MythBusters Try Throwing Like Girls

The MythBusters recently took on the insult, "throws like a girl," testing both male and female subjects to determine, for all posterity, whether the old sexist zinger has any clout.

Ah, MythBusters. Challenging the unchallenged myths, the baseless assumptions, the rampant stereotypes of our world since….2004?

We could have sworn they’ve been around longer. As exercisers of the scientific method the MythBusters have become a timeless and (and you’ll have to excuse the shamelessness of this pun) near-mythic testament to human curiosity.

Recently, they took on the age-old zinger, “you throw like a girl.” The MythBusters' question: what does the proverbial "girl" throw like, anyway?

 Note to readers: acceptable responses to said insult, should it befall you, are:

“Thanks.  I am a girl.”

Or “Thanks. My mom is a girl.”

Or simply “Thanks. Your observation is accurate. Throwing is a thing that girls do.”

So what say the MythBusters?

“Throws like a girl is not an insult. We did not find, in any of our testing, that women throw more poorly than men. Given the training, there’s no reason women can’t overcome cultural bias and throw as well as the guys.”

We thought as much.

And, to preempt potential naysayers/angry YouTube commenters who’ve happened upon this page: Yes, the average woman is likely possessed of less brawn than the average man, but a) there’s more to throwing a ball than brute strength and b) likelihood is not actuality.

If likelihood were actuality, we could throw around a phrase such as “gets paid like a guy” without fear of defenestration.

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