Here’s What Disney Princesses Look Like With Realistic Faces

Queen Elsa from “Frozen” looks so much better than her unrealistic baby face.

Despite their immense popularity, pretty much everyone knows Disney princesses have physical features far from reality.

From their makeup and huge eyes to their thick hair and tiny waistlines, almost everything about these characters is humanly impossible – and in some cases, unhealthy – to achieve.

In the past few years, several artists and photographers have started to highlight this problem through edited photo series to make these princesses look more like an actual human being.

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More recently, Tumblr user TheNamelessDoll re-imagined Disney's leading ladies with slightly more realistic proportions.

For example, she re-sketched Queen Elsa from 2013’s Oscar-winning animation Frozen to give her a less baby-faced look.

She looks so much better now, doesn’t she?

And here are some more posts from the artist including other characters:


Princess Anna


Honey Lemon

Mother Gothel

And here’s one from Dreamworks, Roxanne Ritchi from Megamind
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