The New Bonnetcore Trend Takes Headwear Fashion To A Whole New Level

Just when we thought we had seen it all, 18th century bonnets have now made their way into modern day fashion.

As time progresses, it seems everyone’s desire to be “different” brings about the most ridiculous trends.

Some of the most quirky include styling your bangs to look like a heart, putting bean sprouts on top of your head, covering your face with henna patterns and wearing plastic bag onesies.

The latest in weird fashion trends seems to be the sporting of bonnets, filed on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag, #bonnetcore.

Clearly, we're not talking about trendy, beret/bonnet/beanie looking hats but legit 18th century style, Little House on the Prairie type bonnets.


#bonnetcore #ohiovillage

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@chelspross representing #bonnetcore like pack got the pack all summaaaaaa

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This old-school accessory made its way into the 21st century during a spring 2015 fashion presentation for Vaquera. Then we saw it appear on the head of Lily-Rose Depp for a fashion shoot and then on digital artist Molly Soda and Zoe Ligon.


#bonnetcore is still happening lmao #2bonnets

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So, if famous people are onboard it’s automatically a trend, right?

Not necessarily, but the internet is having a really good time poking fun at the whole idea.

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Postcards from the past #bonnetcore

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Went too HARD yesterday & bout2 go even harder today w.this #bonnetcore look

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this is my cousin Kelev, an amish catholic jew, who moonlights in Sara McLachlan commercials. #bonnetcore

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91/100: #Bonnetcore #fashion #NaomiWatts #IHeartHuckabees #100daysofwordplay #the100dayproject

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The trend hasn’t reached a mass audience yet, but it has gained enough traction to give us a pretty good idea about where hipster fashion is headed, and quite's a little scary. 

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